Here we go again

Jordan Patterson
Jordan Patterson

Here I am again, two years later, recommitting myself to blogging again. It quite obviously didn’t work last time. This time it was not prompted by thoughts of the new year quickly approaching, but by being reminded that I had left some things undone.

I received a GitHub issue on my static-comments repository; the repository that manages the comments for this blog. Someone was asking how it works in practice and I realized that I had never written the second blog post (you can find the first one here). That mad me feel oddly bad. I felt like I was being a bad citizen.

So, as I said, here I am making another commitment to regularly publishing blog posts. The first one of which will be the second part of getting Staticman up and running serverlessly. I plan to publish it early in the new year.

Lots of other things have changed too so it’s probably a good time to get this started… again (not that I was great at it the first time).

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